I looove a good thrift find – I scored this velvet slit skirt from my local salvation army for $2! Tip: Check your local thrift stores for weekly sales on particular items they are trying to get rid of. The Salvation Army has sale specials every week so get on their mailing list for a head’s up on when to drop in and go EARLY!

This look has a witch feel with the velvet skirt, turtleneck and boots covering most with just peaks of skin. I wore my gold chandelier earrings and a gorgeous gold cuff with blue jewels for added drama. It’s a fun look with a mysterious dramatic flair.






Turtleneck & Bracelet – Urban Behaviour
Skirt – Thrifted
Boots – Lane Bryant
Earrings – Ardene

Goth Angel

Happy Monday Fashion lovers! This week I’ll be doing a series of goth-inspired looks in the spirit of Halloween. Today’s look is an all white sexy look topped with dark tough elements like the boots, vest and spiked necklace. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing for Halloween (if anything), luckily I’ve got a costume ready to go. If I’m headed anywhere I’ll be posting pics for sure, if not, there’s always next year lol. As the years go on, the enthusiasm for holidays sometimes depletes and that’s okay. Just don’t rain on other’s parades who enjoy the festivities. Hope you enjoy this look!







Crop/Skirt Set – Voluptuous Clothing
Vest – Winners
Boots, Necklace, Rings – Ardene

1 Jacket, 3 Looks

“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.”
Rita Mae Brown


I hope you all have a great weekend, get out and enjoy the  beautiful fall scenery and make memories you’ll never regret. While you’re making those moments worthwhile, here are some outfit ideas to dress up or down that print jacket you’ve got hanging in your closet you’re unsure of how to wear. Which look is for favourite?






Jacket – Suzy Shier
Sweater – Sirens
Skirt – H&M
Heels – SpringShoes
Belt – Dynamite
Earrings – Ardene





Jacket – Suzy Shier
Crop Top – Urban Behavior
Necklace – Ardene
Pants – Dyanamite
Heels – Jessica Simpson




ffashionista_3in1_20142410_3Jacket & Tank Top – Suzy Shier
Skirt (part of top/skirt set) – Voluptuous Clothing
Heels – Spring Shoes
Necklace – Ardene

1 Vest, 3 Looks

This week’s second item is a camouflage vest styled in 3 different ways. I’m making this post short and sweet because my schedule is hectic this week but I still want to give you some fashion inspiration!

Vest – Suzy Shier
Denim Shirt – Zara
Pants – Dynamite Clothing
Heels – Jessica Simpson
Earrings – Ardene



Vest – Suzy Shier
Top (part of skirt/top set) – Voluptuous Clothing
Skirt – H&M
Boots & Necklace – Ardene


PhotoGrid_1413985436572Vest – Suzy Shier
Dress – Dynamite Clothing
Necklace – Forever 21
Over the Knee Boots – Ashley Stewart


1 Skirt, 3 Looks


Starting off this week’s 3 looks in 1 special is this dark floral A-line midi skirt I got for $10! I found this item a bit of a challenge due to it’s proportions since it’s rather long on my 5’3 frame, but I made it work 3 3 totally different ways.  When purchasing items it’s always smart to think of at least 3 ways to wear it with items already in my closet in order to make it a resourceful  closet addition. Here are 3 ways I incorporated this fall-ready skirt into my wardrobe.

This girl’s night out look is sexy yet sweet mixing the skirt with a cute cut out top and strappy heels. I added some edge by topping the look with some leather accents with a studded clutch and motorcycle jacket.

Jacket – Winners
Top – Garage
Clutch – Urban Behavior
Earrings – Toni Daley  – they’re currently on sale!
Heels – Aldo



This date night look is subtly sexy with a glimpse of a midriff with this crop top turtleneck. The skirt stacked on top of knee high boots is perfect for the fall. Tip: For those ladies like myself with thicker legs, check out plus size clothing labels. Simple clear crystal hoops and a side swept low ponytail are the perfect way to keep the focus on the graphic skirt.

Turtleneck – Urban Behavior
Skirt – Sirens
Earrings – Ardene
Knee boots – Ashley Stewart

Another style option is to style the skirt with a bit of an urban vibe with a leather baseball cap and nude sandals to offset the overall dark look.


This 3rd look is print on print work style with an addition of a leopard print slim belt. The green v-neck sweater makes the green and red in the skirt pop and add another level of vibrance. The ankle boots are a little western but the metallic sheen gives them a modern feel dressy enough for a skirt.

Sweater – Zara
Skirt – Sirens
Belt – Old Navy
Boots & Earrings – Ardene 

ffashionista_3in1_20142010_7This bonus look is uses the sae formula as look #3 but a more muted look when the green sweater is switched with a taupe one and the leopard belt is replaced with a red belt. It’s still as effective but more classic and sweet. To dress up the look even more, I’ve paired look #4 with taupe strappy heels.

Sweater – Joe Fresh
Skirt & Shades – Sirens
Belt – Costa Blanca
Heels – Suzy Shier


Which look is for favourite? Comment below!

Batter Up!

To cap off this week’s athletic-inspired fashion trend, I took a baseball game look and put a fashionista twist to it with gold, stripes and heels. I borrowed this Louisville Slugger “Shoeless” Joe Jackson MVP collector’s jersey from a baseball  fanatic friend of mine & incorporated some black and white pieces I already had in my closet. For accessories I went a bit tribal with these gold pieces I scored from Ardene – my #1 store for trendy costume jewelry.

This week’s fashion trends were a challenge for me since I’m not that sporty – but I pulled through! I’m sure I’ll post some outtakes of other outfits I created for a laugh, I even tried some fitness poses in some of the shots which were good for a laugh (squats and lunges galore lol). Fashion and life is about taking risks – stepping outside your comfort zone and adding your flavour to all of life’s moments.  Embrace yourself flaws and all and love you for who you are. Easier said than done, I know, but daily work gets you a step in the right direction.

Yesterday I had a shitacular (new word!) day and it threw off my balance and I could feel I wasn’t being the best version of myself in my interactions with others and most of all myself. I yelled, ate junk food and got into a fender bender. Normally I’d let that affect my entire week but I’m the driver not the passenger in this life of mine and it’s up to me to steer myself in the right direction. So today I greet life with an open heart & mind and a bright smile, remaining thankful for this the glorious thing called life.

Have a great weekend Fashionistas! Next week’s fashion challenge is a fun one – 1 item styled 3 different ways. That’s 9 looks for the week! Stay tuned!







Special Edition Jersey – borrowed
Top – Sirens
Pants – Suzy Shier
Heels – Aldo
Accessories – Ardene

Varsity Hues

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are.” – Kurt Cobain

My favourite outerwear have to be varsity jackets, they’re casual yet polished and come in a bunch of colour combos. I bought this soft jacket awhile ago from Forever 21 and because of its classic tones, I get to dress it up and down. Today I chose to dress it up a bit with a grey crop top and hi waist pencil skirt. I wore this for date night to the fairly new Ripley’s Aquarium which was a blast, the conveyor belt trip through the main tank was surreal. It’s great for kids and after 6pm became a great adult night out. I chickened out on touching the stingrays – maybe next time!







Varsity Jacket – Forever 21
Top & Necklace – Urban Planet
Skirt – Suzy Shier
Heels – Winners

Gobble, Gobble Fashion Day

Happy Thanksgiving Fashion lovers – take time today to reflect on the positives in life and show gratitude to the ones you love.

This week’s fashion trend is all things athletic-inspired. This is one trend I’ve always had a hard time incorporating, since I am not athletic! I don’t own a pair of sweatpants & my runners come out once or twice a year. I do however love a great varsity jacket  or jersey which can always add a casual-cool element to your look. Today’s look is a girly-leisure outfit where I took a simple  bodycon dress and added dimension with a floral bomber jacket, chain and pleather baseball cap. And for the fall weather I’m trying to invest in more legwear like these black stockings in order to transition more pieces from the summer.

Time to pull my belly up to the table and OD on some grub – happy gobble, gobble!








Dress & Earrings – Forever 21
Bomber jacket – Garage
Baseball cap, Sunglasses & Boots – Urban Behavior
Chain choker – Ardene

Bonita Applebum

Do I love you?
Do I lust for you?
Am I a sinner cuz I do the two?
Could you let me know
Right now, please
Bonita Applebum

The older I’ve gotten the wiser I’ve become thankfully. I waste less time in relationships that don’t bring out the best in me or motivate me to do so. I cherish my family and friends, although I know I could have closer relationships with them all. I’m still learning me, still appreciating what makes and essentially defines me. I don’t think it’s a specific word or event but a collection of both that’ll bring me to a state of contentment.

All this focus on myself has made my dating life nonexistent and my enthusiasm to date lackluster.  I’m dating me! It’s been almost a year since I’ve been on a date. Yes, men approach me; they lust the exterior & are intrigued by my interior. That’s only natural biology; I’m just waiting for the latter connection to occur. If you’re single, don’t stress, date yourself – get to know the person you’re really going to truly spend the rest of your life with.




Top – Sirens
Leggings – H&M
Heels – Winners

Tribal Nights

This is another transition from summer to fall look with a tank dress I purchased this summer. I topped it with my trusty orange box jacket from H&M I bought seasons ago and paired it with a simple chunky chain necklace and my blue suede shoes. 
Initially I planned on wearing a baseball cap with this outfit but I decided I couldn’t cover my curls – I had to let them pop. Looks like I had a wind machine, but they’re so wildly beautiful on their own. Eat your heart out Yonce.