My Favourite Accessory: Eyebrows


Aside from earrings, hats and purses, a women’s best accessory for any outfit are her eyebrows. Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features to perfect. They not only frame your face, but define it. I don’t claim to be a eyebrow expert, I’ve just mastered my own. I went through the no eyebrows a la Whoopi and the borderline sharpie lines phases of a girl’s beauty regime but I’m proud to say I’ve tamed mine.

The tools I use: an eyebrow brush, eyebrow powder, and concealer (sometimes). I use concealer to lightly outline  my eyebrows to make them pop on those special nights out.

Some of my tips, tricks and suggestions for achieving the brows you’ve longed for:

  • I use a powder for a softer brow (vs a brow pencil)
  • If you change your hair colour your eyebrows should adapt accordingly. My hair is currently red, so I use a brown-red brow shadow. When my hair is brown or Bronze-Blonde I use a chestnut brown powder,
  • Don’t draw your eyebrows too close they’re almost a unibrow. I know the closer you draw them the more narrow your nose will appear but it’s distracting!
  • Most sets of eyebrows are not identical so don’t fret and think you’re alone in that struggle or that you have to make them look the same.
  • I pluck and use a ini razor to shape my eyebrows, I’m not a huge fan of waxing as it often clogged my pores and gave me ingrown hairs (yay eyebrow whitehead!)


What really helped me in perfecting my eyebrow game was watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. Below are two informative tutorials that really breakdown the eyebrow shaping process. Great lighting, commentary and these ladies have some gorgeous brows. Happy Shaping!

My Natural Sistas



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