A Sunday Kind of Love


I’ve been light with the posts these past weeks but I promise I’m back No excuses, just more fashion! I bought my first SLR camera and I’ve got a bunch of fashion and beauty posts coming your way.


This past Sunday I enjoyed my first real dose of Spring weather for the year; I took advantage of it by running errands and having a great lunch date. I didn’t want to break out my dresses just yet so I brought out the toes with a pop of colour in these cute sandals. The heel wasn’t torture which means you’ll be seeing more of these Coral beauties.


I stumbled upon this cute leather-look hat while shopping for accessories a few weeks ago. It’s hard to find cute hats that fit with a melon head like mine so when I do I hold on for dear life. My bf has been trying to snatch this from me for his collection but he’s going to have to get his own.

Warmer weather means I’ll be stepping out to shoot more of my looks, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do creating them 🙂
Trench coat: H&M
Baseball Cap: Urban Planet
Jeans: Forever21+
Heels: Wal-Mart
Earrings: Ardene






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