Hurry the F%$k Up Spring


This morning I awoke to the frigid skyline of my city and my jaw dropped. I knew it was coming but I really thought Mother Nature was my girl and had my back. She knows damn well I have a spring and summer wardrobe ready and able but it seems she has other plans.



Anyway, these pictures were actually taken the day before the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) was hit with a mini snowstorm. It was bright, warm and I had just returned from getting some soul therapy at church with the family. I stopped by a sale my mom reminded me that Suzy Shier was having and the fashion Gods blessed me indeed! Blasphemy aside, I scored 3 spring/summer finds for $5 each! Some black quilted board shoes, a chiffon blazer with an asian print and  this beautiful floral print dress with a front knot.


I almost passed on it but I’m keeping positive that warm weather is on its way to me and in order to attract is I’m not only visualizing it I’m incorporating it into my wardrobe. That’s a good enough excuse to me to do some Sunday shopping!


Dress & Sandals – Suzy Shier

Earrings – Forever 21

Bracelets – Sirens, Urban Planet


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