Lost Queen

All day everyday I listen to music. I’ve always got an earbud in listening to playlists I’ve created to go with my moods. Certain tasks require certain songs (ex. Soca was my workout soundtrack today – too much fun!) and in this case the song ‘Lost Queen’ by Pharrell inspired this outfit. From the beat, to lyrics, this song is one of my favourites on the album. The bright and bold accents of colours, animal print bomber and my favourite tribal chocker all came together in this tropical/tribal flirty look.

IMG_20140601_140051My ride or die African Queen chocker from Zara. I’ll never let her go!


The green of this bustier crop top is so bright and fun; this was one of the first bustier tops I’ve found with cups that fit my chest, I couldn’t turn it down.

I’ve had these stacked heels forever, when you find  a pair of heels you can last at least half a day in you hold onto them.
My FAVOURITE trend of this season are soft trouser pants. They can be dressed up or down and are so comfortable. I’d definitely recommend these to ladies with full hips and thighs, I know how hard it is to find pants they fit period lol

I can’t wait for the music video for this song though, I know it’ll be a single released soon. It has to be. Give it a listen below if you have no idea what song I’m talking about or just want to hear a great tune. Enjoy 🙂




Bustier – Costa Blanca
Chocker – Zara
Jacket – Suzy Shier
Pants – Dynamite
Heels – Sirens
Nail Polish – Mango Mama, L’Orea


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