Taking my Dreadlocks on a Colourful Journey

Every since my mom gave me the OK to dye my hair, I’ve been playing hairstylist for over 10 years now. Blonde, brunette, redhead – I’ve been them all several times. I’ve always shied away from unnatural hair colours due to them not being as accepted in a professional environment. This year I said F@%k it and I’m trying out some colours I’ve been dying (pun intended!) to try. In order to give my hair some rest instead of going from 0 to 100, I process my hair in stages over weeks. I recently took out some red dye and went for a summer honey-blonde. I thought I’d give a guide on how I did it for those with natural hair like myself who are always unsure of what products will work on our hair. I’ve taken the plunge for you fellow naturalistas and here’s how I removed colour from my hair step-by-step with pics!

Bleach was out of the question since I had bleached my locks earlier this year by myself after watching a zillion YouTube videos and reading just as many websites. That was an interesting experience to say the least and those pics will never see the light of day (sorry – not sorry!). The only people who know how I look are my mom who I share everything with and my ex who watched in horror as my hair turned from brown to a yellow-orange mess. I covered it with Adore hair dye in Cinnamon and had amazing results:


But then came summer and I wanted my seasonal honey-blonde hair and decided to remove the red using Color Oops. It’s a hair dye remover for semi and permanent colours, the only I could find for semi which is what I had in my hair. I bought a box (extra strength), followed the directions, but as I began to get flashbacks of my bleach episode I decided to do a strand test first.


It came out pretty good, so I poured the solution over all my hair (avoiding my roots) and waited the recommended time, checking the progress a few times along the way. (Note: Because it’s sulphur-based the mix made my bathroom smell of  rotten eggs. Not bad but still unpleasant.) The instructions require you to shampoo and rinse your hair for 20 min which did feel like a long time but I played music so that was 4-5 songs and I was done.


Some of the red was still there around close to my growth since that’s the area was I was being the most careful about getting any of the remover on. SO – I ran to the store and got another box and 2nd time was a charm and I was back to bleach blonde.

I poured Adore Spiced Amber in a bowl and mixed in Dr. Miracle’s Follicle Healer deep conditioning treatment (it’s clear so it didn’t effect the colour), leaving the mix on my hair for about an hour. My hair was moist and felt great! I’ll be using that treatment every time I colour my hair.



Colouring your natural hair is a definite risk as bleach on black hair is essentially the devil. If you choose to experiment with your locs, some tips I can give to you are:

  • Always to strand tests before you have a whole head of regret
  • research, ask questions at your local beauty store, watch YouTube videos, research the products and how they worked for others
  • Do your transformation in stages, give your hair time to recoup from the damage that’s being done
  • Deep condition regularly to help give your hair extra strength against the products causing damage
  • Have fun – it’s only hair!



One thought on “Taking my Dreadlocks on a Colourful Journey

  1. Did you have any trouble rinsing color oops out. I used it a month back and my hair slowly got darker…jet black! Worried I’ll need to restart my locs!

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