Pride in the City


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It’s Pride time in the City of Toronto!!!

I hope you got your rainbow gear out & supported the LGBT community gain acceptance and educate those ignorant in their views. I’ll be enjoying some of the festivities, the Parade & my favourite event Blockorama on Sunday! They always have THE best performances, vibes and all for FREE-NINETY NINE! And as per tradition I’ll be hitting up the best Caribbean food restuartant downtown Diner’s Corner, a post-pride ritual. If you haven’t attended before I suggest you round out some free-thinking friends and family and head down and take in some of the many events going on in the city. Judging someone based on their sexual orientation is ridiculous and never been my thing. Love your neighbor no matter their race, religion, or orientation!

I’d describe my look as hippy dippy fringe fun in the sun!





Visor: Ardene
Fringe Kimono & Lace Top & heels – Urban Planet
Jeans – Forever21
Earrings – Vintage


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