Fashionista DIY: Black & White Flower Pots

My obsession with black and white doesn’t stop with clothing, my living room theme is black and white. Instead of just placing my plants in plain Jane pots, I decided to spruce them up by painting the pots in black and white classic patterns. I’ve included a quick and easy step by step guide of how I painted them; I hope you’re inspired! BTW: I bought all the items from my local dollar store, minus the paint brushes and pencil. Total cost of this fashionista DIY? $5 🙂




Items Required:
Terra Cotta Pots
All-purpose Acrylic paint (black and white)
Sponge brushes
Paint brushes


Step 1: paint the pots black and white (2-3 coats).


Step 2: With the pencil, draw the patterns onto each pot (I chose polka dots, leopard print, and chevron).

img_2022img_2021 img_2020

Step 3: Paint the patterns the opposite colour the pots are already coloured; apply 2-3 coats to make the patterns more opaque.

Step 4: remove your plants from their current pots and transfer them into your stylish new pots. Water, display and enjoy!

Pots, Paint & Sponge Brushes – Dollarama


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