A Curvy Review of Altuzarra for Target


The Altuzarra for Target  limited-edition collection launched today and I along with other fashion lovers on a budget are excited to get our hands on this line. The line has a femme fatale  feel with sexy silhouettes and prints  with feminine accents of leather (vegan!) & lace. Jewel tones of jade, ruby and gold are anchored by fall favourites black, white and military green.I once again braved the crowds and this cool September weather and got a first look at the line that launched in my local Mississauga Target location. As a woman who looks NOTHING like the model (c’est la vie) I went in with my fingers & toes crossed, hoping that something would fit my curves. Here’s my review of the line for a curvy woman’s (size12/14) POV:

First thoughts: Where the heck is everything?! I checked out two locations in Mississauga & some of the more daring fashion pieces such as the green animal print sweater and skirt as well as the military trench coat were MIA in both locations. The colours were true to their pictures, and the fabrics were as expected as well. HOWEVER – I didn’t expect there to be so little stretch to the clothing. The entire time I was trying on clothes ‘No Flex Zone (Remix version of course – listen below if you’re curious)’  was playing in my head because these clothes were not flexible, especially in the arms, hips and tummy area.

Highlights: The wrap dress with the tassel belt was  what I fell in love with online and it hugged my curves just like I knew it would. And at $39.99 (plus my 5% off with my Target card) it’ll be a great item for the holiday season.


The trench coat was the first thing customers reached for and after trying it on I understand why. It was gorgeous and fit so lovely. The bustle in the back was dramatic enough, but didn’t add a ton of volume to my already bodacious bum. I was hoping to get the military green version with vegan leather sleeves but alas, neither location I visited had it.


The orchid gown is soft, feminine and sexy enough with the signature side slit echoed throughout the line. Altuzarra really knows how to make a women feel like a woman. I was however disappointed with the way the fabric puckered at the top of the slit, I found it distracting.
PhotoGrid_1410705546369 (1)
The booties were sexy and fit true to size (I’m a 7 1/2) with wiggle room for my toes to survive hours of stomping. But I know me – I know those stilettos would have me miserable, but they definitely are shoegasmic.
The snake skin print dress was a similar stretch material like the maroon tassel dress and was actually nice nice, but the print was a bit overbearing for my liking. It does highlight a hourglass figure, so if you’re a daring fashionista give it a try!
The belt was sleek, not too shiny or artificial-looking. It can go over a sweater, dress or even a light coat for added structure to an outfit. I’ll be adding wide belts to my next thrift shop hunt,
What I liked about this orchid sweater was the contrast fabric sleeves and the fact that it can be dressed up and down.

Lowlights: NO FLEX ZONE – I put this on the designer and Target for not adding spandex/stretch to most of the key pieces (the skirts were stiff cotton, my booty and hips said ‘ah hell naw’).

The sleeveless dress with the side slit was tight around the hips and thighs, and my cleavage did runneth over. It wasn’t a piece I was initially interested in but tried it on for you ladies to see. I really am not a fan of the embroidered cranes on the shoulders – a little too hunger games for my liking.


The velvet blazer was beautiful,not as plush as I hoped it would & was a little stiff. Other items with little comfort room were the pencil skirts and satin purple orchid dress and the python blouse was tight in the arms for me.



This dress will be on clearance shortly (sorry – not sorry). Few women even glanced at it and I just tried it on for the sake of the blog. Satin isn’t a very forgiving or flattering fabric unless you’ve got 10% body fat and it’s a bodycon dress with a ton of cleavage. The orchid print, colour and length all worked together to make the dress seem too juvenile. It looks like a little girl’s party dress, A pretty one, but doesn’t really flirt like the rest of the pieces do. IMG_20140914_082049
This gorilla looking coat though…I don’t know about this one! I’m going to push myself to try some more daring outerwear this season – I just think adding a ton of fur to my 5’3 height makes people go from referring to me as cute to cuddly. The fitting room attendee pet me as soon as she saw me in it and I can’t blame her! I don’t know if I could take a whole day of women and children and old men petting me all day.

The over the knee boots were a coveted item but they did not fit my thick legs, which I was expecting. The heel was alright, but the fit was a little off, not as comfy as the booties.


Conclusion: The line from what I saw has some nice sophisticated pieces us curvy ladies could add to our closets, for work or nights out on the town. You might want to go up a size (line goes up to XL/16) if you’re fuller in your arms, thighs, and tummy area. I hope the next line target launches keeps the luxe feel but chooses more forgiving fabrics. Loved the colour story and the collection covers all the key pieces every woman should have in her closet.

I hope that was a helpful review, curvy or not, find your local store and give the line a look.

Image Source: Target.com


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