ffashionista_neu_20141409_4 This Monday neutral look has me laid back, feel with the crop top and soft trouser but the bodychain gives it a sexy touch. I don’t know if it’s just the creative in me but sometimes outfits bring songs to mind and they end up being my anthem for that day. Today’s outfit’s anthem is the smooth R&B sound of TLC’s “Diggin’ on You”. The mini backpack instantly sends me back to my elementary days in the early 90s when EVERY girl had a mini backpack, most of them personalized with initials, pins and fabric paint peace signs.
Zoom Pictures - 02014-22-14-02-22-05
The bodychain is one of my favourite fashion purchases of the summer at Toronto’s Afrofest. If anyone recognizes the chain and knows who the designers are, please comment below because I cannot remember the name of the vendor. The crop top is from a skirt/top combo I purchased from Voluptuous Clothing.



Top (from top/skirt set) – Voluptuous Clothing
Pants – Dynamite
Flats – Forever21
Backpack – Urban Planet


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