Fashionista DIY: Neutral Nail Art


Neutral nails give your hands a vacation from bright hues that dominated manicures this summer. They also give you chance to be more adventurous with designs in a more understated way.

You can go bold with neutrals like Zendaya Coleman….

..glam with clear jewels on feature nails….


..or somewhere in between by mixing neutrals like in this abstract look.

Whichever style speaks to you, give neutral nails are a must try for the fall season. I decided to give neutral nails a try with a chic matte crescent design. Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to get the look; you need:

Nail polish of your choice (my polish is called NAME from NAME)
Clear matte top coat nail polish (I use a matte top coat from American Apparel)
French nail tip guides (20)

1. Paint your nails with at least 2 coats of your polish choice and allow them to dry.

2. Place two french nail tip guides on each nail, about half an inch apart.

3. Paint the space in between the tip guides with 2 coats of the matte top coat & allow them to dry.

4. Remove the tip guides and voila!

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