Seein’ Red



Outfit # 1 of this week’s monochromatic trend challenge!

I’m seeing red today because my Internet has decided to act up but especially because of this sexy monochromatic outfit today! I usually post before noon, today had other plans, so I’m going with the flow. I wear red all year round, but in the fall it’s all about oxblood red. I love this wearing this deep red shade, especially from head to toe.  Any chance I get to wear this leopard afrocentic choker from Zara I do! I remember seeing it on sale for weeks and I finally grabbed it and knew I could do it justice and saw the beauty in it unlike many. I’ve worn it casual with a grey sweater and now with this comfy blazer with *gasp* nothing underneath.








Blazer – George by Wal-Mart
VEgan leather leggings – H&M
Heels – Suzy Shier
Choker – Zara


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