Graphic Pastels

Happy Monday!

Is it just me or has this month flown by?! I’ve already started thinking about Christmas gift ideas just to beat the crowds and not have to be on the roads stuck in traffic and stay ahead of the game. If this winter is going to be anything like last year’s, this might be an online shopping Christmas for me! Anyway – back to fall! The fall season is upon us and with it comes opportunities to blend our late summer clothes with this still warm fall weather. This week I’ll be focusing on how to incorporate spring pastels into your fall looks. It is possible by anchoring your looks with darker shoes and accessories and keeping your makeup fall appropriate.


Look #1 of the week is a cute mod dress with a sheer panel topped with this gorgeous Knit Moto Jacket, that was love at first sight. I’m not about paying full price, so I waited till Suzy Shier had one of their many flash 40% off sales. (Tip: Avoid the rush and crowds by signing up for your favourite store’s newsletters to get exclusive notices about upcoming sales. I found out about this flash sale a day before it was mentioned in stores. I visited the store the day before, found the blazer and placed it on hold, so on the day of the sale I made a b-line to the cashier and checked out in minutes!)  Mama didn’t raise no fool!

ffashionista_past_20142909_6 ffashionista_past_20142909_9 ffashionista_past_20142909_5 ffashionista_past_20142909_8

Knit Moto Blazer – Suzy Shier
Dress & Earrings – Ardene
Heels – Aldo
Purse – Dynamite


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