Batter Up!

To cap off this week’s athletic-inspired fashion trend, I took a baseball game look and put a fashionista twist to it with gold, stripes and heels. I borrowed this Louisville Slugger “Shoeless” Joe Jackson MVP collector’s jersey from a baseball  fanatic friend of mine & incorporated some black and white pieces I already had in my closet. For accessories I went a bit tribal with these gold pieces I scored from Ardene – my #1 store for trendy costume jewelry.

This week’s fashion trends were a challenge for me since I’m not that sporty – but I pulled through! I’m sure I’ll post some outtakes of other outfits I created for a laugh, I even tried some fitness poses in some of the shots which were good for a laugh (squats and lunges galore lol). Fashion and life is about taking risks – stepping outside your comfort zone and adding your flavour to all of life’s moments.  Embrace yourself flaws and all and love you for who you are. Easier said than done, I know, but daily work gets you a step in the right direction.

Yesterday I had a shitacular (new word!) day and it threw off my balance and I could feel I wasn’t being the best version of myself in my interactions with others and most of all myself. I yelled, ate junk food and got into a fender bender. Normally I’d let that affect my entire week but I’m the driver not the passenger in this life of mine and it’s up to me to steer myself in the right direction. So today I greet life with an open heart & mind and a bright smile, remaining thankful for this the glorious thing called life.

Have a great weekend Fashionistas! Next week’s fashion challenge is a fun one – 1 item styled 3 different ways. That’s 9 looks for the week! Stay tuned!







Special Edition Jersey – borrowed
Top – Sirens
Pants – Suzy Shier
Heels – Aldo
Accessories – Ardene


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