12+ Looks of Christmas: Cool Yule


It’s Monday and time for another round of holiday looks. I’m starting off this week with a dressed up collared shirt I purchased on a thrift hunt a few weeks ago. It’s a Ralph Lauren (bonus!) plaid print shirt that I don’t think had ever been worn before (double bonus)! What could be an ordinary shirt-jeans and vest combo I made my own with the addition of a glittery necklace, patterned stockings and bright platform pumps.

The stockings are a new cheap but chic find of mine from Dollarama. They come in a variety of designs and could fit anyone up to a size 20 comfortably. I’m so impressed by the durability and stretch in these, especially for $2/pair.


I wanted a pop of fun colour with the red heel which could easily be switched for a black boot to keep the overall look more edgy. It really just depends on your mood and more importantly your comfort level. Deciding to stomp around in a pair of shoes that make you want to scream with each step just isn’t worth it for me. I call those shoes the in and out – I only really walk in them getting in and out of the car to dinner and there’s a pair of flats waiting for me in the car.


Ralph Lauren Shirt – Thrifted
Motorcycle Vest – Winners
High-Waist Jeans – Forever21
Heels – Jessica Simpson
Necklace – Ardene
Pantyhose – Dollarama


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